London Urban Regeneration 4.0 Study Programme


Over the past few decades, cities have been subjected to severe social and economic pressures, which have had a disproportionate impact on the urban environment. Consequently, this has increased the concentration of the most deprived households in the worst urban neighbourhoods.


The UK Governments have attempted to tackle the physical, social and economic consequences of these changes through a variety of mechanisms and policy initiatives with varying degrees of success.


The current objective can be interpreted as an attempt to implement regeneration projects or create sustainable communities/places through multi-agency or partnership programmes. The nature and extent of urban problems are now very well documented; there has been a considerable learning process in the development of different urban regeneration programmes.


Over the 20th and the beginning of 21st centuries, the nature of urban regeneration policy has changed direction several times and has applied different focuses. Today, a “sustainable community” is a key issue in an ambitious Government programme “umbrella”. As an objective of the present programme, the UK Government introduced the Sustainable Community Plan in 2003, describing a vision of how our communities are to be developed over the next 20 years economically, socially and environmentally, while respecting the needs of future generations.


This programme will closely examine how the modern regeneration schemes are aligned to the Sustainable Communities Plan. It will investigate cases studies around major London, which have certain parallels and functional overlaps on sustainable communities and urban regeneration.

Key Programme Topic

  • A Historical London and Post-war Reconstruction
  • Reviving the values for Underused Railway Land
  • London Docklands: An inheritance of a Public City
  • Building a Sustainable City: the Olympic Park and the Stratford City
  • Post-Industrial Regeneration: Refurbishing rather than Demolishing

Programme Benefits

You will have teaching and guidance from leading scholars and practitioners. University lectures, case studies and studio tutorials are combined to give you a comprehensive learning experience.

Design workshop and presentation are also provided in this programme, you can benefit quite a lot from practice.

You will probably build friendships between all programme participants, gaining G5 universities application experience shared by students tutors who are currently study in one of the G5 Universities.

Each participant who successfully accomplishes this programme will be offered with the Certificate of Attendence, some will also be awarded for their outstanding performance. Besides that, outstanding participants may ask for Letter of Recommendation for the reference of their excellent performance in the programme.

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Dates & Location

This programme take places in a rolling basis, in Cambridge and London, United Kingdom

Further Infomation & Apply

For more information please contact us via or by Wechat: Furong_Lin.

We welcome all applications from students and graduates from universities. Please send your CV to, we recruit on a rolling basis.