Programme Manager

Programme manager positions represent a valuable opportunity in your college career to cultivate and improve your leadership, public speaking, mentoring and team coaching skills, in addition to event planning.

Programme manager are expected to serve as positive role models to our programme participants. These students will push the college’s academic mission with maturity and responsibility, familiarising guest students with campus resources whilst enthusiastically tackling any questions or issues that should arise. Successful candidates will serve as mentors during our school programme, working closely with the programme administrator to ensure smooth day to day operations. The head of our orientation team will assist students during seminars and group discussions, provide them with necessary resources, and organise informative, relaxing activities during breaks.

We are looking for people who has......
  •  At least bachelor’s degree is required for this position

  •  Excellent English language communication skills

  •  Mandatory attendance for all training and office hours
  •  A desire to work with students - exchanging and communicating ideas
  • The ability to work effectively as part of a team to deliver an exemplary programme
  • A sensitivity to diversity in all its formse
  • A mature sense of morality, strong organisational skills, and the ability to respond positively to a wide range of situations.
What you will gain from this position
  • 1.You will have access to many high-quality Courses & Lectures
  • 2.You can also participate a series of companies‘s internal training with our programme attendees
  • 3.Work with a great team
  • 4.Internship Certificate
  • 5. Excellent internships can receive letters of recommendation and long-term job opportunities
  • 6. Salary