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Selected Testimonials from SAAM/CAAM

The course has provided “a giant leap in terms of career path”. I would always doubt if I could achieve what I have achieved today without SAAM 2014 course, which offered me an essential exposure to the asset management industry in London, moments of enlightenment that fuel my passion of investment, alongside Dr. Pan’s encouragement each time I stood at the crossroads in my life.



Before attending this programme, I had been struggling to find out what my career interest was and what my strengths were. It has helped me a lot in my application for Master of Finance programmes at several top universities in China and in being selected for a prestigious student exchange programme in the following year.



I was inspired a lot by the SAAM programme. I knew nothing about the financial industry before I attending this programme, but later I had a basic understanding of finance and investment. I also knew many excellent seniors through vising famous financial companies and universities. I was deeply impressed by the financiers’ efficiency at work, and also their positive attitude towards life. Meanwhile, it was a fortunate to meet and make friends with a dozen excellent participants who had a clear picture of their futures.



Selected Testimonials from Other Programmes


Some people always complain that biology and its related major are among the top 10 tough majors to find a good job, but the programme made me realised biology is still promising and a lot of things can be done with biology. We had a series of lectures. We also visited famous laboratories, science parks, companies……What impressed me most is the ‘ecosystem’ of the Cambridge industrial cluster.


We were sitting around the large table in the warm classroom with professors, who did excellent work in his field. Although my English listening are not so good, it was great enjoyment to listen to the professors sharing knowledges about various fields, including Wars of the Roses, Shakespeare, Brexit, personal brand building, etc. Most of the courses were so interesting that I’ve learnt a lot.


This programme gave a preliminary understanding about urban planning and regeneration. Based on the Kings Cross Station area, we designed our regeneration plan from the perspectives of land use, public space, transportation, landscape experience, excessive space and building elevation. One of our main gains was city regeneration should be based on respect to the history and preserving the city’s memory.

Testimonials from other business programmes

As a leading player in the Chinese real estate industry, we need to focus more on the global market. Through this programme, I’ve learned about the business operating environment in the UK, and I also met the European Regional President of Tishman Speyer. I believe there will be many collaboration opportunities between Tishman and our company in the future.

––CEO of a large real estate company

The training course in the University of Cambridge was the key part of our two-week UK trip. It was very well designed and delivered, much better than the ones that we attended previously in the UK and in Taiwan. This course met our requirements, and our Directors and members were satisfied with this course.

––Secretary of Precious Metal Association in China

Mr. Murphy has over 30 years of investment experience, serving two family offices including the famous Guinness Family. He is a specialist in managing complex mandates for large clients. I am considering preparing my daughter for succession of our family business, and many of his advice was pretty helpful.

––Directer of Precious Metal Association in China

This overseas module was well organised. We’ve learnt British high-tech entrepreneurship, business management and primary-market investment at the University of Cambridge. We also visited Bloomberg, HSBC, London Metal Exchange and Thomson Reuters in London, where we had meetings with their senior executives.

––A teacher of Tongji University