Modern Medicine and Artificial Intelligence


Britain’s place in the history of medical development is second to none. Artificial intelligence is another of the UK’s outstanding contributions to human civilization. William Harvey, one of the founders of experimental physiology, worked at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London and, through many experiments, discovered the phenomenon of blood circulation in the human body. James Watson and Francis Crick, from the University of Cambridge, proposed the double helix structure of DNA, which advanced medicine to the level of molecular biology and precision medicine while revealing the mysteries of life. AlphaGo has brought the world’s attention to AI and DeepMind, the company behind it, is actively working with the National Health Service (NHS) to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare. 


The artificial intelligence industry and the healthcare industry have been defined by the UK government as two of the four strategic sectors for the future of the UK.



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You will learn the cutting-edge development of medical technology, get a glimpse of how AI changes the medicine, and gain an in-depth understanding of the UK's universal healthcare service system under the guidance of renowned professors and industry experts.

You will have the opportunity to visit well-known institutions, and attend the lecture given by academic fellow of top institutions or universities.

You will probably build friendships between all programme participants and gain G5 universities application experience shared by students tutors who are currently study in one of the G5 Universities.

Each participant who successfully accomplishes this programme will be offered with the Certificate of Attendence, some will also be awarded for their outstanding performance. Besides that, outstanding participants may ask for Letter of Recommendation for the reference of their excellent performance in the programme.

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19th January to 1st February 2020 in Cambridge and London, United Kingdom

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