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Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0


We are at the threshold of an era when much of our productivity and prosperity will be derived from the systems and machines we create. We are accustomed now to technology developing fast, but that pace will increase and AI will drive much of that acceleration. The impacts on society and the economy will be profound, although the exact nature of those impacts is uncertain. Given the UK’s current and historical strengths in this area, it is in a strong position to lead rather than follow in both the development of the technology and its deployment in all sectors of industry, education and government.


By attending our programme, you will have the opportunity to learn the development status and trends of AI relevant fields in all aspects and in multiple dimensions, and to gain knowledge and ideas from lectures about Cutting-Edge Technologies given by academic scholars or experts in world-class companies. 

Key Programme Topic

  • Deep Learning and Human Wellbeing
  • AI and Reinforcement Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence and Medical Imaging
  • Artificial Intelligence and Human Relations
  • Industry 4.0 in Smart Medicine

Programme Benefits

You can learn the fundamental but crucial knowledge about Artificial Intelligence as well as cutting-edge technologies development status and trends via attending lectures given by academic scholars.

You can learn deeply about the applications of artificial intelligence in various fields and industry 4.0 by attending the training lectures in Thomson Reuters, ARM, Microsoft reactor and Oxford University Innovation, etc.

You will probably build friendships between all programme participants, gaining G5 universities application experience shared by students tutors who are currently study in one of the G5 Universities.

Each participant who successfully accomplishes this programme will be offered with the Certificate of Attendence, some will also be awarded for their outstanding performance. Besides that, outstanding participants may ask for Letter of Recommendation for the reference of their excellent performance in the programme.

Previous Speakers

  • Prof Stephen Emmott
  • Prof Chris Lowe
  • Prof Björn Schuller
  • Dr Khalid Al-Kofahi
  • Dr Pingfan Song
  • Dr Jochen Leidner
  • Dr Stuart Armstrong
  • Dr Jamie Ferguson
  • ......

Previous Course Moment

Dates & Location

7th July to 19th July 2019 in Cambridge, Oxford and London, United Kingdom

Further Infomation & Apply

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