Public Administration and International Affairs, PAIA


On the global level, China and Britain were allies against the common enemy 70 years ago, supporting each other in the world war against the fascists. Seventy years on, China and the UK, as permanent members of the UN Security Council and countries with significant global influence, are working together to safeguard the post-war international order and to push for progress on a wide range of global and regional issues, including but not limited to Iran nuclear issue, epidemic diseases, climate change, international peace-keeping and sustainable development.
China and the UK have upon their shoulders the important responsibility of safeguarding world peace, promoting development and advancing the wellbeing of all mankind. A China-UK relationship that is entering a ‘golden time’ will enable the two countries to expand their global and regional cooperation and to make greater contribution to world peace, stability and development.

What can we do in this era? A comprehensive understanding of the United Kingdom can seize the great opportunity of China-UK “Golden Era”. This programme will give you an in-depth look at the UK and show you a broad picture of history, politics, law, public administration, urban planning, and community culture. Through these courses and lectures, extracurricular seminars and field trips, the United Kingdom will unveil her mysterious veil to us. 

Key Programme Topic

  • British Political System and International Relationships
  • Urban Planning and Management
  • British History
  • Social Welfare, Charities & Social Enterprises
  • Public Administration
  • Technologies and Human Beings
  • Visit Local Charities, London Local Community, Houses of Parliament, The Supreme Court, guildhall, etc.

Programme Benefits

You will probably draw a broad picture of history, politics, law, public administration, urban planning, and community culture of UK from courses and lectures, extracurricular seminars and field trips.

You will have the opportunity to visit the core legislative, judicial and administrative bodies such as House of Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Cambridge Guildhall. You can also acess to the UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Oxfam and the UK Cancer Research Institute, etc. The visit will give you a better understanding of the operation of charities and international organizations.

You will probably build friendships between all programme participants and gain G5 universities application experience shared by students tutors who are currently study in one of the G5 Universities.

Each participant who successfully accomplishes this programme will be offered with the Certificate of Attendence, some will also be awarded for their outstanding performance. Besides that, outstanding participants may ask for Letter of Recommendation for the reference of their excellent performance in the programme.

Previous Course Moment

Dates & Location

8th August to 20th August 2019 in Cambridge and London, United Kingdom

Further Infomation & Apply

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